July 23, 2018

Why Foreplay is Important in a Long-Term Relationship

Sex with a long-term partner is often the best kind of sex, even if people tend to think it can get boring or “samey”. When you feel comfortable with someone, the sexual experience is heightened because you can fully let yourself go. It also helps when you’re in love with someone, as the bond you have is special and the sex has a deeper meaning.

With this said, every relationship has it’s “dry-spells”, so to speak. Times were either one, or both, partners aren’t disengaged and (without being harsh) a little bored with their lives.

This is only normal and human, but sometimes you do need a little help to spice up your bedroom activities. Which is were foreplay becomes very important…

Why Foreplay is Important in a LTR

Foreplay is often just as, or even more, intimate that the act of sex itself. It can be extremely passionate and intense, or fun and playful!

Foreplay allows you to get to know your partner on an even more intimate level while you warm up for the “main event”.

When you’ve been with the same partner for a long time, it is easy to forget the importance of engaging in foreplay. Sex can sadly, become a little – wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am. The daily pressures of everyday life and simply being tired can put sex on the back burner. It’s up to both you and your partner to change this, and one way is with foreplay.

How to introduce more foreplay?

It’s easy to have fun with foreplay. When you take your time during foreplay to do something sexually exciting for your partner, more blood flows through their genitals, making the experience more intense for you both. Ideas include:

  • The precoital massage
  • 69 without orgasming
  • Explore the entire body instead of just the genitals
  • Use flavoured lubes to massage one another and lick it off
  • Roleplay and dressing up

Etc. etc. etc…

Foreplay for Women

It’s a pretty well-known fact that women take a little longer to get ‘into things’ in the bedroom than men do. This is of course generally speaking, but often men don’t need foreplay to get them excited. A woman, however, may need a little more time to relax into the moment and ease herself into things. To orgasm, women often need to be relaxed and fell 100% comfortable, which is why foreplay is even more important for them.

Taking the time to make your partner orgasm before you’re even inside her can be a massive plus point, and get really get her revved up for the main event. Use your hands, your tongue and toys to get her to climax and make sure she’s fully ready for you. You can even use some tingling lube to intensify this further and make her orgasm more intense.

Foreplay for Men

While foreplay may not be ‘needed’ for men as much as it is for women, it’s still important to heighten their experience and can intensify orgasms.n A great game to play with your man is simply teasing him. Using foreplay to almost bring him to climax but stopping just in time can build up a huge amount of tension and make his final climax inside you way more intense.

Just because you have been together for a long time, doesn’t mean sex should be dull or ‘boring’. In fact, it should be a lot better than new sexual experiences because you know each other and each other’s bodies. So liven things up and have fun with your partner with more foreplay in the bedroom.

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