July 9, 2018

Why Flavoured Lube Makes Sex Better

Our ranges of flavoured lubes are growing in popularity day by day – and the feedback we get from our customers is overwhelmingly positive. While we know that the gin and tonic lube or sex on the beach flavoured lube are often used just for fun, they do make a real difference to our customer’s sex lives. Here’s how flavoured lube makes sex better…

It can heighten the sexual experience

This an obvious one, but bringing in taste and smell as additional stimuli in the bedroom can massively enhance the sexual experience for both partners. Foreplay is where flavoured lube really makes things exciting, with endless games you can enjoy with your partner. By allowing yourself to tap into all of your senses, you can try a number of things you’ve never experimented with before in the bedroom.

Flavoured lubes add some humour into the bedroom

Sometimes sexual partners, particularly those who are having sex either for the first time and aren’t comfortable with one another, flavoured lube can really break the ice. Sex isn’t always about love and passion – sometimes it’s just about having fun and enjoying yourself. Often the simplest of things like introducing a lube and playing some games can make you relax and laugh with one another. This way you really will enjoy the experience so much more.

It will make you less self-conscious

When you first have sex with someone new – and sometimes even when you’re with a long-term partner – you can feel self-conscious about how your intimate areas smell or taste. This is perfectly normal to worry about things like this and while you actually have nothing to worry about, sometimes using a flavoured lube can really help to ease your mind.

We never created flavoured lubes to mask natural human scents or tastes, but simply to enhance the sexual experience. We do however have many customers who tell us that the use of a flavoured lube has allowed them to relax a lot more while having sex and while enjoying foreplay. Not having to think about whether or not they’re enjoying the taste or smells allows you to totally let go and focus on the fun.

Our lubes are all made with the same goal – to make our customer’s sex lives better! By introducing a fun flavoured lube to the mix, you can spice, or sweeten up, your sex life massively. So why not try some today…