Original Playtime Lubricant

Want to transform your sex life? Our original Playtime stimulating lube provides safe and fun lubrication while actively stimulating your senses.
Perfect for use with condoms, our stimulating lubricant is the best sensation lube available. The water-based formulation is non-greasy, non-sticky and clear, giving you a wonderful silky sensation. The lubricant moisturises and lubricates your intimate areas to fully enhance the ease and comfort of sexual activity.

Why use a Stimulating Lube?

There are so many reasons to experiment with lube. Sometimes, no matter how turned on you are, your body takes awhile to catch up in the bedroom and you just don’t get as wet as you might like. Sometimes you’re wet enough to have a great time, but you feel like switching it up. Some women use a stimulating¬†lubricant because they have issues with vaginal dryness, but many other women use lubrication simply for a new sensation during sex.¬†
Whatever your reasoning for trying lube there is one thing for certain – it will add to your sexual experience and make your playtime even more fun.
So why not add a little something extra to your sex life today with our fun and safe stimulating lubricants…