January 3, 2018

Playtime’s Tips for Better Sex in 2018

The start of a new calendar year is often seen as a time to reinvent yourself and try new things. It is also a time where people tend to reflect on the year previous and see where they can improve themselves. One of the main areas people see negativity coming from is their sex life. With these simple tips, 2018 can be the year to really increase your sex life for the better. 

1. Have sex more regularly

It seems obvious, but having more sex can increase your sexual chemistry and can lead to a much more satisfying sex life. Building the connection with your partner of choice allows you to gain much more satisfaction from the sexual activity you participate in. Knowing what each other like and dislike can eliminate any sort of mood killers and help grow more comfortable with each other leads to an increased level of attraction and sexual prowess.

2. Discuss and explore new kinks

The idea of kinky sex has seen a huge increase since the release of the book / movie series 50 Shades Of Grey. The film in question explores the more domineering side of sex and the kinks of domination, tying up and whip play. Discussing and exploring these ideas can lead to new discoveries and a new lease to your sex life. Finding kinks that you both mutually agree on and want to try can increase your sexual activity and really add a spark to your bedroom antics.

3. Improved communication

It seems obvious but this is one of the key aspects so often avoided. Communicating with your partner allows you to learn more about them and know what they like or dislike in the bedroom. Nothing is a bigger mood kill than doing something your partner does not like. Communicating, listening and understanding beforehand can allow for a smooth sexual process with nothing to kill the mood.

4. Throw in some variety

Doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring in any walk of life. If you do the same thing at work every single day you are going to get bored, so why take this mindset into the bedroom? Something as simple as changing your normal position is a sustainable way to move away from things becoming melancholy. Try something new but not too experimental, like a flavoured lubricant or a new position and push towards eliminating the boring tendencies sex can bring.

5. Be spontaneous

There is no bigger mood kill than planning out when you are going to have sex. The discussions should go no further than knowing which nights you are both free. Planning such encounters so thoroughly makes the whole experience feel forced and completely takes away the thrill that sex should bring to you and your partner. Being spontaneous with such activities can bring a rush of adrenaline that can rapidly increase your overall sexual experience.

6. Don’t expect it to be great every time

There will be times where sex is not great, it happens, and should not be seen as a negative. If you think it’s going to be perfect and amazing every time, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Most often, it is simple enough issues such as climaxing too early or not bringing your partner to climax, but sometimes other issues can pop up that will make the experience not perfect. These should not be seen as a negative in the slightest. Laughing off these moments and seeing where you can change things up next time will only increase your attraction towards each other and improve your sexual chemistry.

7. Don’t skip foreplay

Foreplay is important. There, we said it. Skipping foreplay and going straight into sex can be very detrimental to your overall sexual experience. Foreplay can increase your hormone levels, give you a rush of adrenaline and add to the enjoyment of the sex as a whole. Skipping this makes the whole thing feel quite mediocre and rushed. And, let’s be honest, foreplay is as good as and is sometimes better than the sex itself.

So there you go. Taking these tips on board and carrying them into 2018 can allow you to make the upcoming year your year for amazing sex.