July 11, 2018

Matching Your Lube To Your Meal

You’ve heard of people matching their wines to their meals, or making sure their desserts compliment their main courses – but have you considered what lube you should choose when you enjoy some after dinner delight?

We’ve matched our delicious flavoured lubes with a few British dinnertime favourites that we think they compliment perfectly…

Strawberry Lube = Chicken Caesar Salad

After you’ve had a refreshing Chicken Caesar Salad, why not skip the strawberries and cream and head straight to the bedroom to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our sweet strawberry lube is perfect during these summer months after a light, refreshing meal.

Cherry Lube = Steak & Chips

Steak and chips – is there a better meal to round off a stressful day? If you’re treating your significant other to a juicy steak, our silky cherry lube makes for the perfect sweet course. You’ve all heard of “steak and blow job day”, so why not make your post steak fun a flavoursome affair.  The rich and deep flavour of our cherry lube will compliment your meat perfectly.

Gin and Tonic = Fish & Chips

It’s Friday night, the sun is shining and you’ve just picked up your chippy tea – life is good. Want to know what could make it even better? A light, refreshing Gin and Tonic! Well, how about you go alcohol-free and have even more fun with our Gin and Tonic lube – perfect for your Friday night frolics…

Sex on the Beach  = Burger & Fries

There are several stories claiming to describe the origin of the Sex on the Beach. The most popular is that the cocktail originated in Florida when a bartender devised the drink and gave it the name in a nod to the many tourists visiting Florida’s beaches each spring. We can’t think of anything better than a classic American burger, washed down with a Sex on the Beach. Oh, wait we can. A classic American burger followed by some fruity foreplay with our Sex on the Beach lube.

Mojito = Tapas (Cuban Style)

The mojito is a Cuban classic, and so is obviously best enjoyed after enjoying some Cuban cuisine. Cuban Tapas can include anything from Albondigas to Tacos – and you can get really romantic by feeding it to one another! Heat things up in the bedroom and cool down your taste buds afterwards with our fresh, minty flavoured Mojito lube. Perfecto!

Do you have any other suggestions? Or are there any of your favourite meals that you think compliment our lubes perfectly? Let us know on social media!