April 13, 2018

Keeping Things Exciting With Your Long-Term Lover

Remember the days when you and your partner couldn’t keep your hands off each other, taking any opportunity to get each other’s clothes off? Exciting, wasn’t it. Tell you what’s not exciting, a schedule. Leave that for your working life! With busy working lives sex can sometimes be overlooked, therefore couples think scheduling an allotted time for getting down in the sheets is the only way to maintain a sex life. Scheduling is not sexy, and sex can start to feel like a chore rather than a pleasurable activity between lovers.

If you’re looking to spice things up, these tips should help you to keep your love life exciting.


1: Make an effort to look after yourself

A huge factor in a diminishing sex life is the lack of effort from either (or both) party. We get that once you are comfortable and have been with your partner for a number of years you stop wearing makeup to bed and switch the sexy lingerie for baggy t-shirts, but it is important to make an effort with your appearance. When you look good you feel good, and this is undoubtedly reflected in your own confidence and sex drive. If you feel sexy, how could your partner not feel the same?

2: Don’t forget foreplay

Foreplay allows you to take your time and explore your partner’s body, creating that intimacy that may have been lost over the years. Coincidentally, Playtime has flavoured lubes such as Strawberry flavour creating great tastes and sensations for both during foreplay. 😉

3: Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is sexy! It’s important to mix it up trying out new sex positions, locations, and generally keeping it different. People like to be kept on their toes and be excited, so apply this to your love life and you can’t go wrong.

4: Don’t be selfish

No one likes a selfish partner, there are two people in the relationship – not everything is about you. Using Playtimes flavoured lubes can make the oral experience more enjoyable for even those who aren’t usually into it. The non greasy blend gives you and your partner a wonderful silky sensation, great taste and numerous rewards.

A healthy and regular sex life can enormously improve the bond between you and your partner, so use these tips wisely and ditch that boring sex life!