Introducing our intimate lubes! The most exciting and innovative quality lubricants on the market…
Using a lube can really add some extra excitement to your sex life, allowing you to experiment with different flavours and sensations until you find the one that suits you best.
No matter how sexy or turned on you are feeling, your body might not always produce as much moisture as you need when you’re having sex. Adding a little lube can make things more sensual and a lot easier.
If you’re looking to make things even more sensual, lubes are also perfect for use with vibrators or other sexual stimulators.
While oil-based products can damage and degrade condoms, our water based lubes are completely condom friendly. So you know you can have more fun while being completely safe.
We believe that lubes should be useful and do what they’re meant to – but they should also be FUN and truly enhance your experience.
That’s why we’ve thought outside of the box and produced intimate lubes that are different and fun. Our flavoured, edible lubes are delicious and totally unique, because taste is very important to us. If sensation is what you’re after in the bedroom, our warming, tingle and stimulating lubricants can totally transform your sexual experiences.

Have a browse through our flavours and sensations below to find your favourite…

Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lube

Mojito Flavoured Lube

Sex on the Beach Flavoured Lube

Tingle Stimulating Lube

Original Stimulating Lube

Warming Lube

Strawberry Flavoured Lube

Cherry Flavoured Lube